Friday, October 24, 2008

William's Initiative

Our preschool hosted "Breakfast Bites" this past week in an effort to offer a time of fellowship for our school community. Donuts were provided before school for families to share; the book fair was open following the meal. Then, the kids were to attend classes.
Of course, our family would never miss this--we are, after all, all about sugar and stories.
So, William and Elizabeth attended Breakfast Bites the first of the three days with Memaw and Papa...but it turns out, William figured out the system...
Many thanks to our family friend Jeff, who apparently cleaned up William after his donut feast, and to Jeff's 4-year-old daughter Diana who got William to class on time.

Below is Diana's mother's e-mail dispatch on William's Initiative:

I attached a couple of pics of the kids from the PPatch. I also have a cute story to share about breakfast on Wed. at MES. Jeff took Diana to eat and said that Will came and joined them. Jeff said he was a bit concerned at first since WIll did not have an adult with him. He said that Will tried to take 2 donuts but he told him only one and then helped him clean up after they ate. I asked Diana about eating with WIll and she said "yes, I took good care of him and then took him to class". She sounded like a little mother in long as she waits about 25 years.

See you tonight,


Eudea-Mamia said...

Yum - donuts.

That Will, we're so comically connected. I can't stop at just one either.

Boot camp anyone?


texasholly said...

hahaha. Love it.