Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elizabeth's Journal

It is hard to imagine anything more exciting to a six-year-old than losing a front tooth, which is why when the blessed event occurred the Tooth Fairy left a message in pink glitter glue, a smattering of pink fairy dust on the floor and a five dollar bill carefully folded in the tooth pillow.
But today Elizabeth topped herself: She spontaneously lost another bottom tooth without any of the usual wiggling--only two days after losing a front tooth!
"Look what came out," she screeched, rushing down the stairs with the evidence cupped in her right hand.
For the record, she's lost five teeth. This means she now shares strained baby food with her eight-month-old sister Charlotte.
Elizabeth proceeded to make the necessary phone calls: Mewmaw and Papa, Grandma Nan, Aunt Jamie.
"You must come see my smile, Memaw," Elizabeth crowed into the phone while lounging on the couch. "I am adorable."
Then, she documented the event in her Dollar Store notebook.
Below is the entry as copied directly from the page.
(Of course I read it! But that's another blog post entirely...)

Day 4
I lost my tooth egan! Wow, I cant bulev it!
I lost my tooth!
I lost my tooth!
I can't bulev my self!

Such an entry would make even the Tooth Fairy chortle.

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